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Traditional Irish Whiskey Cake

St. Patrick’s Day used to be a Holy Day of Obligation in Ireland, where people went to church in the morning and all of the pubs were closed. (Don’t worry! This is not going to be a history lesson. The cake recipe is coming, keep reading!) The only reason I know this is because I’ve heard my favorite author, the late Frank McCourt, and author of ‘Angela’s Ashes‘, talk about the St. Patrick’s Day as he knew it growing up in Ireland. I remember one entertaining interview where he talks about it in 1999. Of course, I’m sure Frank McCourt wasn’t bothered by the lack of pub being open on St. Patrick’s Day. He was probably bothered by having to get up early in the morning and go to church, as most kids would be….and it probably wasn’t memorable for the food since his family had so little of it. These days for us in America, our biggest concern on St. Patrick’s Day is whether we remembered to wear green….and what to bake. Like me.

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