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Key Lime Pie w/ Passion Fruit Whipped Cream for a Rainy Day

I originally planned on posting this a couple of days ago, but we went for a mini 2 night vacation. During those 2 nights, I tried a piece of Junior’s Carrot Cake Cheesecake, which was yummy except when I went back to our hotel room, I found more interesting cheesecake combinations with some baked snacks I brought along with me. I just might have to experiment with them at home and put up a recipe. 🙂

On Sunday it was a beautiful day out (as in it reached 50 degrees), so my boyfriend and I went to the library and picked up some great reads; ‘Baking With Julia’ by Doria Greenspan; ‘A Baker’s Odyssey’ by Greg Patent; Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking’ by Michael Ruhlman (thanks to the recommendation by Gluten Free Girl; , ‘Baking Illustrated’, and ‘The Little Irish Baking Book’ by Ruth Isabel Ross. I had all of those on my list of things to check out and we (ok mostly Manuel) found them within the 10 minutes we had before they closed. My boyfriend says I’m a book hoarder because I take out so many at a time and never like returning them, whether I read them or not. Although, I have not let these books sit since I walked out of the doors with them in my arms.

We made a few stops after the library. First we stopped off at an Italian bakery because I was suddenly fiending for a cannoli. That is normal behavior for me. I bought one regular cannoli and one chocolate covered cannoli. I like alternating bites between the two. As much as chocolate covered anything sounds better than not-chocolate-covered anything, I actually prefer the regular traditional cannoli. For some reason, even though I have had these cannolis on several occasions, this is the first time I noticed an orange flavor in the filling. I’m not sure I’m all that into it either…what about you? Do you like your cannoli simple, or do you like them covered in chocolate, dusted with powdered sugar, and dunked in miniature chocolate chips on both sides? I’m curious where other people stand on this. Continue reading


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